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Health Packages and other services


How It Works

  • I provide programmes that are based on one to one consultations. Ahead of your initial consultation I will ask you to fill out a Nutrition Questionnaire. The questionnaire allows me to research your case in detail ahead of our first meeting. In each consultation, I gather more information about your symptoms, provide in depth analysis of your current diet and lifestyle and recommend supplementation and testing if necessary.
  • At the end of each consultation, you will leave with a tailored food and lifestyle plan that will aim to address your specific needs and goals
  • I will then help you review your progress at each consultation and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Consultations are scheduled one month apart


Health Packages. taking supplements

If needed, supplements and diagnostic testing will be advised. Supplements help to support a person in their nutrition (for example if you are deficient in a particular nutrient) and are sometimes necessary to use alongside good food. Laboratory diagnostic testing is used in order to to help me properly assess your nutritional status and better advise you on what you need to eat, drink and adjust in your lifestyle. Supplements and diagnostic testing are not included in the price of consultation packages.

Please see the different packages I offer below:

Health Packages. health programme

Kazuwa’s Optimal Health Programme

A programme of 3 consultations (an initial and 2 follow ups) over the course of 12 weeks

  • In depth analysis of your symptoms, diet and lifestyle

  • A personalised diet and lifestyle plan after each consultation

  • Diagnostic Testing, analysis, and interpretation of test results (if testing is required)

  • 10% discount from supplements ordered through The Natural Dispensary

    This programme is ideal if:

  • You would like to improve your general health and diet

  • You have been advised to see a nutritionist by your GP.

  • You are concerned about symptoms you are experiencing in terms of digestion, hormone imbalances, allergies, or skin conditions, fertility or reproductive issues.

    PRICE: £375


Health Packages. Pose

Kazuwa’s Optimal Energy Programme

A 3 month programme consisting of an initial consultation and 2 follow ups and a Farmer's market/Store tour

This programme will help you to:

  • Boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue

  • Reduce sugar cravings and support energy balance

  • Support your body’s production of stress management hormones

  • Support weight loss

    This programme includes:

  • In depth analysis of your symptoms, diet and lifestyle

  • A personalised diet and lifestyle plan after each consultation

  • A Farmer's Market/Store Tour! This is a 1 hour tour around your local farmer's market or supermarket where I will take you through your entire diet plan, show you how to read food labels; and help you fill your shopping basket with healthy food choices. I will also share healthy recipe tips and ideas! (available in London only).

  • Diagnostic Testing, analysis, and interpretation of test results (if testing is required)

  • 10% discount on supplements ordered through The Natural Dispensary

  • Additional Health coaching and support by phone and email

    This programme is Ideal if:

  • You are dealing with fatigue, low energy, or have trouble getting going in the morning, or want to support blood sugar balance.

    PRICE: £600


Nutrition Talks and Seminars

I hold speaking engagements in group settings which aim to educate you on the many facets of a healthy diet and lifestyle. To book Kazuwa to speak at your event, please fill in our contact form by clicking here

Terms of Service

Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire

The Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire which is provided by Kazuwa Nutritional Therapy to client must be completed and returned 48 hours before the date of the consultation, otherwise the client understands that most of the consultation will be taken up by filling in the form.

Payment and Cancellations

Payments for consultations and any other services are to be made upon booking


Consultations can be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice for a full refund. No refund will be provided for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice. Partial refunds are not available.

To view my Privacy policy and other Terms and conditions, please click here

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